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How did Giancarlo Stanton strike out after being removed from the game?

In tonight’s Brewers/Marlins matchup, there was a horrific scene in the top of the 5th inning, where Giancarlo Stanton got hit square in the face with a fastball. There was a delay and he ended up getting carted away from the field.  The below is just a still pic, as I would need to have put a warning on this page if I linked to the video. (If you haven’t seen it, don’t. Just use your imagination, it won’t be as scary).

But the umpire ruled that Stanton had actually attempted to swing at the pitch, so instead of being awarded first base, the pitch just became strike 2.  (Note: This site is about scoring rules, not umpiring rules, but this is a correct ruling if the umpire did deem that Stanton had swung). So, a pinch hitter was needed to finish the at-bat, and Reed Johnson was summoned. Johnson swung at the first pitch he saw (which ironically also hit him) and after a check-swing appeal was ruled out on strikes.

BUT, if you look at the boxscore, you will not see Reed Johnson striking out (or even having a plate appearance) in the 5th inning. And at some point while Mr. Stanton was in the back of an emergency vehicle being rushed to the hospital, he had a strikeout added to his record. Read the rest of this entry

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