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NL Batting Title update

So… Melky Cabrera must have read the article I posted about the batting title rule.  When he realized he was still eligible for the title and would likely win it, he contacted MLB and asked them to change the rule as he had “no wish to win an award that would widely be seen as tainted…”  Ok, maybe he’s not reading  this blog, but for whatever reasons MLB has changed the rule, supposedly on his request, for this season only.

Cabrera, through his agent, sent a letter to the head of the MLBPA saying  “I personally have no wish to win an award that would widely be seen as tainted, and I believe that it would be far better for the remaining contenders to compete for that distinction”

MLB then drafted a change to the rule. Read the rest of this entry


Batting title requirements and Melky Cabrera

Photo: Sarah Rice, The Chronicle/SF

Recently, there’s been some discussion about Melky Cabrera being suspended for the rest of the season, while leading the league in batting.  Some feel it is unfair to give the batting title to someone who was not only suspected of cheating, but was actually caught.  Some creative minds have pointed to the regulation that states that batters must have 502 plate appearances (PA) to qualify for the batting title, and note that in an apparent fortuitous twist of fate Melky only had 501  when he was suspended.  Problem solved! Since he doesn’t qualify for the title, there is no need to deal with the embarrassment of the batting champ being a convicted cheater. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple… Read the rest of this entry

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