Earned Runs

Earned and unearned runs are covered in section 10.16 of the scoring rules.

This page will be updated shortly.

  1. Bottom 9 – Mariners 7, Braves 6
    The manager goes to the mound. Caudill now pitching.
    Gant singles between first and second.
    Pendleton reaches on two-base error by Redus.
    Sheffield ground ball. Gant beats the throw home.
    Gant scores.
    Vaughn ground ball. Pendleton out at home on the throw.
    Horton doubles.
    Sheffield scores.
    Game Over

    The question is, how many earned runs would Bill Caudill be charged with?

    • You have to reconstruct the inning as it would have occurred without the error. It’s tricky with the fielder’s choices. But I think the Sheff ground ball would have happened with Gant on 1st and 1 out, so that would probably have been the 2nd out. The Vaughn ground ball would be the 3rd out, inning over, therefore 0 earned runs.

  2. Thanks for that Ruben, that was my take on it as well. Gant would not scored at all had Redus caught the ball, but I wasn’t sure if the official scorer was given that much liberty to rule where Gant might have been after the error, and so rule it an unearned run.

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