A comedy of errors? Or some well placed hits? You pick.

The season just started, and my last post was immediately after Game 7 of the World Series so it’s time for more updates.

The Boston Red Sox played their home opener yesterday against the Washington Nationals.  The boxscore will show that the Sox won 9-4 while getting 13 hits, and Washington made one fielding error.  Nats starter Jordan Zimmerman got charged with eight runs, seven of those earned in just 2 1/3 innings. But he didn’t pitch as poorly as the numbers show. I saw at least three additional uncounted errors, which should have made many of those runs unearned.

Take a look for yourselves:

Here’s a routine fly ball which falls untouched:

Shouldn’t the centerfielder have caught that with ordinary effort? Why is it not an error? Are some official scorers still holding on the antiquainted belief that there’s no error if nobody touches a ball?

Ok, here’s another one from the same inning:

This one looks even more routine. But some miscommunication led to both fielders looking at each other while it falls in untouched. Now here’s a scorer’s dilemna? Who do you give an error to if either could have caught the ball? Maybe that’s why they are reluctant to give an error on these types of plays? Anyhow, easy answer. The centerfielder gets the E. There is a hierarchy in baseball whenever two or more players both go for a ball. CF has priority over the corners, therefore it is his ball, and therefore it should have been his E.

Still in the same inning, a ground ball gets hit towards the shortstop:

This one may have been a little tougher because his teammate screened him a bit by going for the ball, but in my opinion, an MLB infielder should make this play.

Washington’s starter was removed after that play. And his record showed he had an awful outing. But with some decent defense behind him he should have only given up three runs in total.


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I write about baseball. I'm a member of the Boston Chapter of the Baseball Blogger's Alliance, and I write about my Red Sox and keep Albertans up to date on local baseball happenings at RubensBaseball.blogspot.com. I occasionally also write articles for the Canadian Baseball Network at www.CanadianBaseballNetwork.com.

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