Broadcasters don’t know scoring rules either

(Scott Cunningham, Getty Images)

My friend, fellow Canadian baseball blogger and umpire, Reg, has previously lamented that broadcasters don’t know the rules and would be well advised to keep their mouths shut at times.  Well, I guess the same applies to scoring rules.  In today’s NLCS wildcard game there was a squeeze bunt that was nullified when the throw from the pitcher Kyle Lohse to 1st base glanced off of  Andrelton Simmons’ helmet.  The umpires called him out for offensive interference, called it a dead ball and sent the runners back.  I was driving home and listening to the Cardinals radio broadcast on KMOX when I heard their broadcasters completely botch the scoring of the play.  (The Rulebook Guru would be happy to know that they explained the ruling perfectly).  They said it was scored a 2-3 putout, and that couldn’t be right because it was the pitcher who threw the ball, not the catcher.  Well, the other partner (I don’ know which was which) speculated that maybe since it was an automatic out the catcher gets credit for that.

No, he doesn’t.  It was properly scored a 1-3.  You give the assist to the guy who would have had the assist, and the putout to the guy who would have had it.  Here’s the excerpt from the scoring rule 10.09

(c) The official scorer shall credit automatic putouts as follows:

(6)When a runner is called out for having interfered with a fielder… the official scorer shall credit the putout to the fielder for whom the throw was intended and shall credit an assist to the fielder whose throw was interfered with;

It’s almost intuitive.


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